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Rejuville Hair Conditioner 360ml

AED 150.00 Tax Exclusive

Rejuville Hair Conditioner combines two hair conditioning agents as well as wheat protein to provide super hair manageability.



Rejuville Hair Conditioner 360ml: Advanced Conditioning for Lustrous and Healthy Hair

Overview of Rejuville Hair Conditioner

Rejuville Hair Conditioner is a premium hair care product designed to offer exceptional manageability and nourishment to your hair. Available in a substantial 360ml package, this conditioner is formulated with unique ingredients to ensure your hair stays silky, firm, and fuller. It’s perfect for anyone looking to reduce hair loss, prevent split ends, and promote hair growth.

Key Ingredients and Their Benefits

  • Dual Hair Conditioning Agents: Provide superior manageability and detangling.
  • Wheat Protein: Strengthens hair, adding volume and fullness.
  • Phytantriol (High Concentration): Significantly reduces mechanical hair loss and split ends.

Features of Rejuville Hair Conditioner

  • Silky and Lustrous Hair: Leaves hair feeling soft and looking shiny.
  • Firm and Fuller Hair: Enhances the overall volume and strength of the hair.
  • Reduces Split Ends: Effectively minimizes the occurrence of split ends.
  • Decreases Hair Loss: Aids in reducing hair fall with regular use.
  • Promotes Hair Growth: Encourages healthier and faster hair growth.

Benefits for Your Hair

  • Split End Reduction: Noticeably diminishes hair splits.
  • Hair Loss Prevention: Actively works to reduce hair shedding.
  • Hair Growth Stimulation: Contributes to increased hair growth over time.

How to Use

  • Application: Apply after washing your hair with Rejuville Shampoo.
  • Duration: For optimal results, leave the conditioner in your hair for 60 seconds.
  • Rinsing: Rinse off thoroughly after application.

Package Contents

  • Quantity: One bottle of Rejuville Hair Conditioner.
  • Volume: 360ml, ideal for long-term use.

Results and Effectiveness

  • Immediate Impact: Leaves hair silky and manageable right after the first use.
  • Long-Term Benefits: With consistent use, experience a reduction in hair loss, fewer split ends, and enhanced hair growth.

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