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Fusion Mesotherapy F-XBC Body

AED 550.00 Tax Exclusive


Fusion Mesotherapy F-XBC Body: Targeted Cellulite Reduction

Experience smoother, tighter skin with Fusion Mesotherapy F-XBC Body. This revolutionary treatment combats cellulite and promotes skin firmness.


  1. Reduces Cellulite: Activates lipolysis to break down fat deposits, smoothing skin texture.
  2. Tightens Skin: Firms and tones the skin, reducing dimples and sagging.
  3. Prevents New Cellulite: Drains excess fluids and toxins to prevent future cellulite formation.
  4. Reduces Pain and Water Retention: Alleviates discomfort and promotes balanced sensation.
  5. Prevents Fat Deposits: Stops buildup of new fat deposits for a slimmer silhouette.
  6. Strengthens Circulation: Enhances blood flow for improved skin health.
  7. Decreases Double Chin: Also effective for facial contouring and reducing double chin appearance.


  • Multi-Action Formula: Targets cellulite from various angles for comprehensive treatment.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for face and body treatments.

Usage Time:

Incorporate into routine as directed for gradual improvements in skin texture and appearance.

Before Results Appear:

Visible improvements typically within a few weeks of regular use.

Experience smoother, tighter skin with Fusion Mesotherapy F-XBC Body.

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