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Hair Care Tips to Maintain the Lustre and Vitality of Your Hair

Who does not like to flaunt silky smooth, lustrous hair? But, to get them, you need to handle them with care. Therefore, it is essential to know the basics of maintaining your hair’s lustre, which we usually neglect due to a hectic lifestyle. Here, we will discuss a few simple tips to maintain the health and vitality of your hair.

To understand what your hair needs, we must first understand the signs of bad or damaged hair? For example, bouncy, thick, shiny hair with a smooth texture is seen as healthy hair, whereas thin, dry, dull, frizzy, receding hairline, increased hair fall, dandruff prone hair, split ends are primarily identified as unhealthy hair.


However, according to hair care experts, it is not impossible to have healthy hair with a proper hair care routine.

So, here is what you can do,

Wash Your Hair Routinely

Keeping your hair clean is very important to keep them healthy. But, how often you need to wash it depends on how often and fast it gets dirty and how much oil your scalp produces. Though many experts advise not to wash your hair daily as it can make your hair dry, some recommend washing hair daily if it is too oily. The ideal option is to wash it on alternate days. However, if you go out every day, your hair might hold pollutants, dust, dirt, grime and sweat, so in that case, you should wash your hair as soon as you are back home.

If your hair is chemically treated, it may be drier, or even if it is naturally dry, wash it less frequently. Also, as you grow older, your scalp produces less oil so that you can limit your shampooing to once a week. But in case you see flakes or dirt holding on to your hair, shampooing is a must, else it can lead to dandruff and other scalp problems.

While washing your hair, focus primarily on the scalp, rather than just cleaning the entire length of hair.

Oil Your Hair Regularly

Oiling your hair regularly is beneficial for your hair health and shine. It not only protects your scalp and hair from getting dry but also prevents the breakage of your locks. Make sure you oil your hair regularly. Massaging your scalp can help in increasing blood circulation, which is beneficial in keeping your hair and scalp healthy. After leaving the oil overnight, shampoo your hair thoroughly the next day. Apply conditioner as usual.

Use Conditioner After Every Shampoo

Make it a practice to use conditioner after every shampoo. If you are not using “2-in-1” shampoo, which cleans and conditions your hair, make sure you are using a conditioner separately after shampooing. It can significantly enhance the quality of your dull and damaged hair. Conditioners help make your hair soft, silky, and strong and protect from harmful UV rays. However, use conditioner on the tips of the hair. Using it on the scalp or length of the hair can make your hair look limp.

Choose a Hair Care Products as per Your Hair Type

You may get tempted by all hair care products displayed in stores. But, be cautious while buying any products. Pick your products as per your hair type. For example, use dry hair shampoo for dry hair; and oily hair shampoo for oily hair. Similarly, other hair care products cannot be used on all hair types. Read the instruction and ingredients carefully before buying.

Hair Care Products Recommended by Dr. Beauty

Cellugena Hair Revitalizing Complex Spray

Price: AED 530.00 including tax

Cellugena Hair Revitalizing Complex Spray by Cellugen is a hair spray with high concentrated growth factors to treat hair loss, stimulate hair growth, improve blood flow and revitalise follicles to help grow more hair.

Dermaqual Hair+ Home-Care Ampoules

Price: AED 500.00 including tax

Dermaqual Hair+ Home-Care Ampoules kit with 5 ampoules from Dermaqual is a hair restorative formulation specially made for promoting hair growth. Each ampoule has a potent mix of active ingredients, which helps reduce hair loss and provide all necessary elements to improve the health of the hair and scalp. It promotes blood circulation in the scalp, prevents hair breakage, increases the formation of new hair follicles, dissolves excess secretions of the sebaceous glands, stimulates elastin production, and promotes healthy hair.

Farm Stay Collagen Water Moist Treatment Hair Filler

Price: AED 200.00 including tax

Farm Stay Collagen Water Moist Treatment Hair Filler (10 PCS / 13 ml) is used for smoother and firmer hair. It helps restore the hair structure from the inside and make the strands smooth from the outside. It is a formulation of plant extracts combined with components of seawater that strengthen and smoothes hair. It makes your hair dense, manageable, smooth and silky. The water moist enriches hair, increases elasticity, prevents static elasticity, makes your hair soft and healthy, fills it with moisture, provides fresh protein and nourishes rough and damaged hair.

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