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Free Consultation – Your Beauty is One Step Away from Our Advice

Dr. Beauty is not only a page to sell products online, but it is also a licensed company within the UAE that includes an integrated group of professional and specialised doctors to assist you and educate you about all skin problems.

We offer you free consultations to advise you on the best daily skincare routine, as our goal is not to sell products; but also to choose the right product for your skin and treat its problems, and we will be with you at every step in all the stages of your treatment.

Beauty Care Consultant Dubai

The idea of Dr. Beauty came from our conviction that inner beauty is enhanced with the outer form, and from here, we get confidence in ourselves.

What Do We Offer in Doctor Beauty?

  • Free consultations to choose the right products
  • The new trends in the world of beauty and health of skin and hair
  • Useful tips to take care of your health and beauty

Various topics we talk about are:

  • Beauty sessions, skin freshness, ice roller, taking care of the skin during Roaccutane, 
  • Skincare during Pregnancy, miso types, hormonal, lightening sensitive areas,
  • Hair loss, skin lightening, darkening of the lips, removal of scars, lips Mesotherapy 
  • The importance of using sunscreens, home facial, cellulite, eye area problems, Profhilo,
  • Mesotherapy Dermaqual, Mesoglow, pigmentation, acne, private consultation, pregnant and breastfeeding women consultation and many more.

Treatment Steps With Us

  1. Request a free consultation via WhatsApp.
  2. Order products (we strongly advise you to order what the doctor suggests because it will be the best for you).
  3. After receiving the communication, know the correct method of use (very important).
  4. After a month, you must contact us to follow up on the treatment results and identify any changes. You can also contact our medical staff at any time to answer your query.

Free Beauty Consultation Dubai

What is a Free Consultation?

We at Dr. Beauty strive to help you take control of your beauty regime while you are at home. We assist you in choosing the right products for your skin, arrange your skincare routine, and you have to stick to it.

Send us your consultation requests on our WhatsApp number (00971508924896), and we will help you determine the right product for you.

How is the Counselling Procedure?

  1. Send a picture of your skin and an explanation of the problem your skin suffers from in addition to the products used previously.
  2. The consultation is assigned to a specialist from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  3. We give you a complete routine to correct your skin problems and reach the best result.
  4. Upon receipt, you will receive the method of use on each product in Arabic.

We deal exclusively with the products we offer because we are fully aware of their ingredients through experimentation. During the process, we practice its use and study its composition and effectiveness.

Why Do We Ask for Advice Exclusively via WhatsApp?

  • To follow your condition from A to Z.
  • Being able to go back to your conversation and know your problem.
  • We can follow the treatment period together, Step-by-Step.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Beauty?

  • We design a complete skincare program according to your skin and its problems.
  • Explain how to use and arrange products (for our customers only).
  • Achieving beautiful and healthy skin is not impossible while we follow up on your case.
  • At Dr. Beauty, your doctor is always with you.

The before and after results for our clients are something we care about and are proud of. So, we strive for every client with us to reach that skin health goal that they are proud to flaunt.

Our Team’s Certifications and Licenses

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy / USA
  • Master of Clinical Pharmacy / UAE
  • Diploma in cosmetic pharmacy / Jordan and the United Arab Emirates
  • Diploma in cosmetology and laser / Egypt
  • Diploma in cosmetology / UAE
  • Dubai Health Authority license
  • Various certificates from several institutes, including IMA
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