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Eye care

This is a complete guide for you to vision and eye care. Our eyes are always affected by our lifestyle and health conditions. Our easy to follow advice helps you to protect your vision and keep your eyes healthy throughout the year.

Now what you will do? Simply,

Eat a healthy and a balanced diet. Always try to maintain a healthy weight. Regular exercise keep you healthy. Wear sunglass or protective eye wear before going outside. Because this will protect your eye from sun’s ultraviolet rays.

1. Avoid smoking
It is said that smoking are linked with cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) (the leading cause of sight loss in the UK). So avoid your smoking habit. Otherwise you will face serious problems in future.
2. Eat diet food
The diet food that is rich in leafy greens and coloured fruit and vegetables will help you to maintain your healthy weight. This is the change to reduce your risk of developing AMD.
3. Protecting your eyes from the sun
Wear sunglasses, if you are spending time outdoors especially in summer or on holidays in abroad. Don’t forget to wear good quality dark sunglasses with UV protection.You can protect your eyes wearing a hat with a brim or a sun visor in bright sunlight.

4. Don’t read in the dark or dim light that will damage your eyes

Don’t try to read in the dark or dim light. Then you may get headache. And atlast this will cause in migraine problem. So be careful about it.
5. Try to avoid contact lenses
The membrane that covers the white of your eye (the conjunctiva) lines your eyelids. So it is impossible for a contact lens to get lost behind your eyes.
6. Don’t wear someone’s glasses
It is really dangerous when you wear someone’s glass. You should not harm your eyes from from wearing glasses that are not in your prescription. Keep in mind that, you have to wear glasses that are in your prescription.
7. Don’t watch tv too much or too closely
It makes our eye tired when you watch too much on tv. You may get a headache if you watch too much close to tv.
8. Eat fruit

Most of the eye doctors say that yellow fruits like orange,papaya,mango,carrot are helpful for our eye improvement treatment. Eat all kind of vitamin A available in fruits. That will improve your eyesight

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