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Essential Skin Care Tips from the Dermatologists for a Beautiful Skin

When it comes to skincare issues and cures, the only people we trust most are dermatologists or skin specialists. They are aware of the ins and outs of our skin and how to deal with it. So, here are some skincare hacks suggested by dermatologists for us to follow. No need to be stressed, as you can easily manage them!


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1. Audit Your Skincare Products

According to dermatologists, you must check the expiry dates of your skin care products at regular intervals and toss anything that has exceeded the expiry date. These products should cover everything from – cleanser, antioxidant serum, SPFs, exfoliating cleanser, retinol, lotions, moisturiser and everything you apply on your skin.

2. Check Your SPF Layering

According to the leading dermatologist and skincare specialists, you must apply SPF daily, but make sure you use one that is separate from moisturiser. Always apply the sunscreen after applying the moisturiser. Your SPF must be zinc-based – with SPF 30 or higher to protect against UV rays and other harmful rays.

3. Avoid Excessive Scrubbing

Exfoliation is good, but too much of anything is bad! It is not for every day and not to the extent of damaging your skin. Excessive scrubbing can hurt your skin and give you a burning and stinging sensation, and may even bleed after it is done. Dermatologists advise using gentle cleansers, avoiding excessive scrubbing, and moisturising immediately after washing for healthy-looking skin.

4. Maintain Your Diet Routine

Protect your immune system by following a balanced diet regime. Add Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and other essential supplements to your diet. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits rich in nutritional values along with salmon, shrimp, and eggs. Also, intake enough liquid to keep your body and skin hydrated.

5. Avoid Social Media Skincare Trends

For many of us glued to social media all through the day, social media is a go-to place for every problem including skincare and beauty solutions. Unfortunately, some are the weirdest ideas for any skin condition and can lead to severe skin problems. Also, every skin is different. Dermatologists warn that something that may suit one skin may not work on another. Consult a dermatologist before following anything blindly to treat your skin problems.

6. Your Body is Equally Important

Most of us concentrate only on our faces and neglect everything below the neck. What we miss is what our body intakes, our face reflects. Therefore, always take proper care of your body from the inside out. Apart from adding nutritional properties to your diet, make sure you are using correct body care products that are clinically formulated to penetrate the body skin as it is thicker than the face skin.

7. Follow Fitness Routine

Fitness is the key to a healthy life. If you are not fit inside, it might show on your face and body. Fitness activities or exercise not only keeps your skin toned and glowing but also reverse your skin ageing and makes it appear youthful.

8. Protect Your Skin from Home Experiments

Whether scratching your acne or eczema or any skin infection or removing your moles, it is downright dangerous if you attempt to do any of these at home. It will not only hurt you, but damage and deform the area, and may even lead to severe consequences and aggravate your skin condition. If such problems are frustrating you or troubling you beyond your capacity, it is advised that you see a dermatologist or a certified skin specialist at the earliest.

9. Control Your Obsession for Cosmetics

Loading up your skin with whatever you could find in your makeup box can lead to a very upsetting situation. Your attempt to cover up your skin problems with loads of cosmetics can worsen the problem. Limit your use of cosmetics. Use your skin care products sensibly and in a disciplined manner. Alter your products in regular intervals to maintain the tolerability of your skin. Never hesitate to take advice from experts in case of doubts.

Above, we have mentioned some tips from our dermatologists to maintain the health and radiance of your skin. You can write to us directly at [email protected] for more expert advice.

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